Live Webinar | August 18 at 12pm ET

Future Vision: What Quick Service Restaurants Will Look Like in 2030

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The very meaning of “restaurant” could be very different just ten years from now. With the explosion of off-premise dining and new service model formats, together with rapidly changing customer behaviors and advances in technology, what will QSRs look like in the future?

Join Fuzz’s panel of experts for a webinar that explores this topic. With over a decade of experience partnering with leading hospitality brands, we’ll offer a peek into the future of the restaurant industry, and how to start planning for it now.

Here's what you'll learn:

#1 - The trends that are primed to add value to QSR businesses over the next decade vs. fads that are more of a distraction

#2 - How QSRs will need to adapt to meet far-reaching changes in customer behavior and the competitive landscape 

#3 - The capabilities QSR brands need to build now to be at the forefront of restaurant innovation tomorrow

Expert Panel

Matthew Knuti 

VP of Engagement, Fuzz 

Juan Pedro Pereyra

Chief Technology Officer, Fuzz 

Ruth Alyce

Ruth Alyce

Engagement Director, Fuzz 

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