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Regional Flexibility vs. Global Consistency: Mastering Cross-Market CX

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Brands with a global presence face a big challenge: How do you tailor digital experiences to the unique needs of customers in different markets, while also delivering consistent, un-fragmented digital experiences to customers globally?

Join Fuzz’s interdisciplinary team of experts for a webinar that explores this topic. Here's what you'll learn:

#1 - The main challenges of designing any cross-market customer experience, and effective strategies for overcoming them

#2 - Principles for engineering effective cross-market digital platforms, including protocols for localization and governance

#3 - Frameworks for creating and piloting cross-market customer experiences to ensure readiness for scaling across regions

Expert Panel

Matthew Knuti 

VP of Engagement, Fuzz 

David Dominique

Product Management Lead, Fuzz 

Caroline Muelenaer

Experience Design Lead, Fuzz 

The challenge of cross-market CX faced by global brands

Regional Flexibility

On the one hand, it’s critical to invest in tech solutions that will offer regional teams the flexibility to localize digital experiences, so that customers in each market can enjoy content and services that are tailored, personalized, and culturally relevant. 


Global Consistency

On the other hand, it’s crucial for brands to make roadmap decisions that will enable centralized governance teams to efficiently oversee and execute global product/marketing efforts, so that customers can enjoy consistent, quality digital experiences wherever they go. 

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